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Pedrick Enterprises Inc. offers a preventive maintenance programs on many of the products we sell. This program starts with all the manufacturer maintenance as well as a complete walk around and any needed adjustments or lubrication preformed by our technicians. You will receive a complete report of over 60 check points as well as $100 in free parts replacements each visit. In addition you will receive a reduction from our hourly service charges if the part replacements or repairs you approve are done while we are conducting routine maintenance. This saving alone can justify the program and includes any scale and weigh system programming adjustments. Your staff that operates the equipment will as a added benefit get the detailed training on the weekly maintenance activities that should be happening to prolong the life of your equipment. Before our technician leaves your farm manager or staff will receive a complete check list and recommendations of the finding the technician had as well as any potential issues to look for. Finally and the best value of the Pedrick Maintenance Plus program is the annual change of all the fluids in your equipment this is a 500.00 value and happens within the first 90 days on all the new equipment.
Our visit frequency will be no less than ever 90 days over the year and that means your asset gets a complete go over every 90 days, We believe this is a step in building a great partnership with our customers. The Billing is $248.00 every month for the term of the agreement and the details on the Maintenance Plus program are in the extended details tab.
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Pedrick Enterprises Inc. Preventive Maintenance program on all cattle feed equipment including Trioliet, Haybuster, Kuhn Knight, Botec, Roto Grind, and Roto-Mix. Preventive Equipment Maintanance

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Call for Price: $248.00