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With the most complete TMR mixer line on the market today, Kuhn North America has the right mixer to meet your needs, whether you are mixing 100% hay or 100% grain or any ration in between. The Reel Auggie and Commercial Reel Mixers provide superior mix quality. Vertical Maxx Mixers mix the widest variety of feedstuffs, including round bales. The 4-Auger machines allow incorporation of up to 50% alfalfa hay and require less horsepower than other types of mixers. Pedrick Enterprises Inc. has been a long standing Kuhn Knight dealer serving Georgia, Florida, and Alabama since 1992. We offer the complete line of Kuhn Knight TMR mixer Horizontal, Vertical, and Reel Auggies as well as Truck mounts. Whether you are looking for VT,VTC, Reel, Vertical Maxx, ProFeed, and BOTEC mixers.