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Kuhn Knight provides the most complete line of manure spreaders on the market with the ProTwin Slinger, EasySpread Box Spreaders, ProSpread Box Spreaders,ProSpread Commercial Box Spreaders, and the ProPush Box Spreaders. Kuhn Knight Spreaders have a machine for equine to commercial organic material handlers or the largest of Dairy operations. The Manure spreaders range in capacity from 117 cu.ft. to over 1,000 cubic foot and 55,000 lbs. loads. There are options on the large spreaders for silage kits for dual use as well. The manure spreaders by Kuhn knight come with spinner style, Horizontal, and vertical operation. Kuhn Knight manure spreaders have patented auger designs,large discage openings,heavy duty and large numbers of hammers, robust chain drives all the way to commercial hydraulic drives with planetary systems. These units are built to last cover largest passible spread area and operate with tractor Horse power from 35 up to 225 horse power for commercial applications.